Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taking the Spark Challenge

I am a member of Handmade Spark.  If you haven't heard of this awesome website yet, then you must check it out.  Handmade Spark is a marketing service for handmade sellers, and a creative blog for the indie and handmade community.  If you get a chance, please visit my Mini-Site. Handmade Spark has put out a Blogging Challenge and I am up for the challenge!  They will be posing questions that we blog about.  So please join me in this blogging jouney.

Spark One: How has your creativity changed over the past year?

I feel like this is a good time in my life for reflecting on my creativity.  One year ago my family made a big move as my husband changed careers.  I went from being a full-time military wife, going weeks and months without seeing my husband to a stay at home mom with my husband home every night. His career change has been so good for our family and while he is still part-time military I feel we have found a good balance in our lives.  With this new move, we have purchased a log home in this wonderful state of Montana.  Our home is surrounded by Ponderosa Pines and we have all sorts of wildlife who call our land home as well.  The large kitchen and rock fireplace all make this a cozy and inviting place to live.  It is my dream home. 

What does this have to do with creativity you ask?  Everything! I now have a sewing studio - complete with large windows and a walk out deck.  It is on the second floor of our home and has incredible mountain views.  While my studio doubles as a guest room - the room has ample space to lay out projects and plenty of light.  Furthermore, I have more time to spend in my studio.  My kids are a driving force in inspiring new products.  I am always looking for things that make a mom's life a little easier.

Like many artist's studios, my space inspires me.  I feel it has stretched me to try new things and further develop my sewing skills.  The beauty of nature outside my window is a constant reminder to be gentle to our environment.  I have put an emphasis on lowering the impact by making many ecofriendly products, my favorite being my upcycled dresses from previously loved men's shirts. 

Overall, I feel like my life has lended itself to actually being able to explore my creativity.  I feel I am just at the tip of the iceberg.  Thank you for joining me in this journey.  For more inspiration and creativity posts, visit Handmade Spark