Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finding Inspiration on a Plane

We are coming up on the busiest travel season of the year.  While the joy of spending time with friends and family for the holidays may be a joyous occasion, traveling to get there is not! I recently found myself on a four hour flight across the country with two small children and a sleeping husband.  My little one was also napping and my seven year old was bored out of his mind.  The homework in his backpack was just not too appealing at the time.  The Didj Games had lost their intrigue.  I dug a pen out of my purse and grabbed up an airline napkin and began to teach him the wisdom that has been passed down for generations.  Knowledge that every school-aged boy needs.  I taught him how to play Hangman.

How many of you played this as a child? Passing notes through class, playing it on the bus or while waiting
for the next activity to start? Now, I ask you - how many of you have sat down and played this with your kids?  Within minutes, my son was cackling! He lost the first game, but it didn't matter - he was hooked. It was then his turn to think up the phrase. I began guessing the letters and before too long I figured the puzzle out.  It was the phrase every mother longs to hear from her seven year old son and while he didn't say the words out loud, it made no difference.

There it was spelled out in black and white in his crooked writing.  There will be no denying it now.  Three little words that give me inspiration to get through the rest of the trip.

You Are Cool.

My challenge to you this holiday season is to play a simple game of hangman with your child, with you spouse, or even with the stranger sitting next to you on your next flight.  Strong connections can be formed when communicating the unspoken word.

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  1. Awww. How sweet! (seriously considering getting that hangman thank you card ...)

  2. great story! thanks for linking my game pads! :) lexi