Monday, July 19, 2010


My refrigerator kicked the bucket yesterday.  We were working in the yard and the kids went in for posicles - they came out with bad news and melted icecream.  Thankfully, we have a large chest freezer and a camper with a mini fridge, so I was able to save our food.  After finding the best deal in town, we purchased our new refrigerator only to be delivered more bad news - earliest delivery will be July 27th!  That's over a week!  To further complicate things I have company coming to stay in our home this weekend while we go camping for four days and return with more visitors. Can it get any worse?  I've learned long ago not to ask that question - because it always can.  What my current predictament boils down to is siple inconvenience. Isn't is something how upset we can get when life happens?  How annoyed we are when things don't work properly? Don't begin to get me started on Montana's current season - Road Construction!  The waiting in line, the detours .

Why not take a moment to see what we can learn from these minor incoveniences.  Put in some extra planning, a little extra time, maybe add a dash of creativity and often what you get is a pleasant detour.  While incovenient for a few days in the end I get a new refrigerator.  This morning I was dreading my walk to the camper's refrigerator to make breakfast.  As I walked outside, the beauty of the morning was upon me - the birds were singing, the deer were grazing and the the sunrise was beautiful.  Maybe life throws us an inconvenience once in a while to remind us to stop and take a moment to appreciate what is in front of us.  My wish for you this week is to find the beauty in the inconveniences that come your way.  Another benefit for me is that I have an excuse to share these great etsy items with you! Please stop by these shops.  For the mint chocolate chip soy candle (Yes, that's really a candle) visit
Culinary Chiq Concepts  For a pattern to make your felt yummy food refrigerator play set visit
Dearmykids.  To make groceries that will never go bad, visit Buggabugs.


  1. I think Murphy has a strange sense of humor... he usually lives with me!

  2. Sorry to hear about your refrigerator woes but thanks for stopping by my shop:) I'm sending the delivery fairy your way so hopefully you'll get a phone call saying your fridge will be delivered in time to enjoy your company!

  3. Those groceries are so cool. :)

    That stinks about your fridge, but I think you have a great attitude. To me it sounds like fun... like impromptu camping! But then, I'm not the one having to worry about kids and company. Hope things work out quickly!

  4. The Universe works in its own way...always giving us what we need; not necessarily what we want. Kudos for having such a great attitude and seeing the humor in it. xo

  5. Sorry to hear about your refrigerator fiasco, but glad you're making the best of it! Adorable featured items, too.